Are you a native English-speaking graduate with some teaching experience looking for a new challenge this coming New Year? Maybe your bored in your current position, or you don’t earn enough money to save. Working as an experienced teacher in China you can literally save thousands of pounds to put towards a deposit on a new house back home or build up a substantial pension fund for the future.

With a relatively low cost of living compared to many Western countries working in China you’re able to save a much greater proportion of your salary than back home. Add to that not having to pay for accommodation, bills and often even your food. It is easy to see why many experienced teachers are opting to teach in China.

You don’t need to have a qualified teaching license from your home country to be eligible to teach in China. However, it you do expect to earn big! All you need is two years provable experience of having taught at some level. You may have taught abroad or at home having obtained a TEFL or similar qualification. Maybe you’ve carried out volunteer teaching work in the past. All of these and other types of experience can now secure you a high paying meaningful teaching position in one of China’s fast developing educational establishments.

It’s true that there are many rogue recruitment agencies that are just looking to push as many prospects as possible with no consideration for the candidate or schools. Many dubious positions are offered with misleading promises, on arrival candidates find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. Why is this? Why can’t you just leave and move onto a new school? This is something other recruitment agencies won’t tell you about. In order for an employee to legally transfer from one school to another they must obtain what is commonly referred to as a release letter. As you can imagine, this can be hard to obtain if on first arriving you wish to leave due to the inflexibility of the teaching schedule or curriculum, poor management, or the extreme isolation of your new teaching position in China or any other possible reason.

So how are we different? As a relatively small developing recruitment agency it is in our interest to make sure we place our candidates in the right positions from the start. We cannot afford for our teachers to be unhappy in their new positions as this will not enable us to build a strong reputation for serving both our teachers and the educational establishments well. We will spend time getting to know you, so as we can offer you the very best position to suit your needs. We want our teachers to feel that they are working in an environment they enjoy and where they are able to lead meaningful and exciting roles. Let us find you the right teaching position in China, so you can fully reach your true potential and carve out an invigorating and profitable career teaching in China.